Zoom Teeth Whitening in Houston

$280 for a Limited Time (Includes additional Free take home whitening trays to retain your white teeth longer!)   Zoom Teeth Whitening in Houston, Texas
Zoom Teeth whitening is the number #1 most requested cosmetic dental service, and with so many options from which to choose, who knows what’s best? AHHH…..Whiter, Brighter teeth is our passion! The Flash Dental Team is dedicated to being front and center with Whitening products, always investigating every whitening system. Whether it is Zoom, Opalescence Boost or many others, you can be sure, we have tried it. Sensitive teeth need something gentle, while others may be able to go faster. Whatever your situation, we can help.

General Whitening

Quick, easy non-invasive whitening treatments will remove stains and restore your bright, beautiful smile. We combine unique in-office and at-home whitening options, so we’re able to customize your treatment and maximize your results. Teeth Whitening done differently:We have unique customized in-office/ take home combination whitening systems that deliver amazing results. Patients love it. Maintaining that beautiful bright smile is easy utilizing our prophy plus concept. With regularity you can get your teeth quickly polished and whitened. Sometimes 30 minutes or less. Making your regular 6 month appointment into a “Prophy Plus” by adding our 20 minute whitening is another easy way to keep your smile healthy and bright. But don’t forget just a little home whitening makes your new bright smile even more stable. Only 30 minutes 2-3 times a week will ensure your “Brilliantly Simple, Flash Dental” smile.

In office whitening

At Flash Dental we offer 2 in office whitening options. Zoom 2.0 with little to no sensitivity and Ultradent Boost whitening based upon your needs.

Home Whitening Systems

At Flash Dental we lean towards custom made trays as the gold standard however we also believe in options. So we offer preformed Ultradent GO trays for a quick try at whitening. Once you love the results we will fabricate custom trays for you.