Regular Cleaning- Prophylaxis

“Prophies” are done as often as patients desire, but at least twice a year. At Flash Dental we know adding a third or even a fourth will have you loving your healthy smile even more. Higher frequency also reduces the amount of time needed at each appointment. Why not just, Check in Check up Check out.

A Prophylaxis is indicated when the patient has healthy gums and just minimal plaque and tartar above the gum line. This procedure is almost always 100% covered by insurance twice a year.

Combine this procedure with an In-Office/ Take home Whitening combo for a “Prophy Plus” appointment.

Debridement- Scaling in the Presence of Inflammation

This is often a one-time procedure done in conjunction with or prior to a Prophylaxis. The patient has no permanent gum disease, yet presents with slight to moderate build up of plaque and tartar both above and below the gum line. Prognosis is good! Patient just requires a bit more “elbow grease”. Returning 2-3 times a year for regular cleanings should prevent this from being necessary again. This procedure may NOT be covered by insurance, but the prophylaxis is.

Deep Cleaning- Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is provided for patients that present with Periodontal Disease.

It is typically done in two appointments, half of the mouth at a time. Our trained hygienists will educate patients on things like “pocket depth”, “gum recession” ” bone loss” and “attachment loss”: These are the signs of Periodontal disease. While never 100% curable, this disease is a low grade infection that can be treated. However, understand, that once you have it, you have it and you need quick cleanings 4 times a year call Periodontal maintenance. This procedure is typically covered by insurance. Not a good time to whiten your teeth just yet.

Periodontal Maintenance

As stated above, “perio” maintenance appointments are 3-5 times per year for those patients that have had Scaling and Root planing in accordance with some level of Periodontal disease. Usually covered by insurance.

Great to combine with a teeth whitening.