Brilliantly Simple

Since we know that the majority of dental problems can be easily prevented with routine exams and professional cleaning, FLASH DENTAL offers only Preventive services. These procedures are delivered in a chic, sophisticated (not dental) environment you’ll love. Our mission is to remove any and all obstacles that traditionally keep people from getting a professional teeth cleaning.

Flash Dental Services
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Flash Dental has deliberately chosen not to offer complicated, expensive, restorative procedures. We know you hate to wait, the smells, the noises and being told AGAIN, that you need MORE WORK. We sincerely hope you never need another dentist. However, should you require a service we don’t offer, we will gladly give you our honest, unbiased recommendation and refer you to the best dental practice for your specific needs.

It’s like getting your second opinion, first.


Exam, Teeth Cleanings, Sealants and X-rays

Teeth Whitening is the number #1 most requested service from dental patients. The team at Flash Dental is dedicated to being front and center with whitening products. While we will always be investigating every whitening system we can get our hands on, currently we are providing patients with a dazzling, In-Office/ Take Home combined system. Call or email to see if it is right for you.