Everyone wants straight beautiful teeth. But many people don’t want the hassle or the visual life change of metal braces. At Flash Dental, we provide the best of both worlds: Invisalign.Invisalign allows you to straighten your teeth without making it extremely noticeable. Instead of placing lines of metal across your teeth, we place customized plastic trays aligners that are practically invisible.

How Invisalign Works

It may appear obvious how Invisalign works: put them on and straighten your teeth. This is true, but there are some steps to know before getting started. During your initial appointment, our dentist will conduct a 3D scan of your teeth to create a customized plan for straightening your teeth. This will also provide a predictive look at what your teeth will look like after treatment. Secondly, once your plastic tray aligners are created, you will undergo your first fitting to make certain your braces are a perfect fit. Once the Invisalign trays are approved, we will schedule your next appointment, and create your next set of aligners. We will schedule follow up appointments every 6-to-8 weeks to check your progress and to provide the next set of custom tray aligners. While wearing each new set, the first few days you may experience some discomfort or pressure on your teeth; this is completely normal.

Braces That Are Convenient

Unlike traditional braces, these plastic tray aligners can be removed daily. We recommend that when a patient removes their Invisalign braces, that it typically be for instances of oral maintenance and eating. These clear aligners make it easier to maintain your oral health and easier to eat anything you wish. Keep in mind that in order for the braces to work optimally, they need to be worn everyday for at least 20 to 22 hours per day.

Want Straighter Teeth With Less Hassle?

If you’ve wanted to straighten your teeth, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of metal braces, then Invisalign is perfect for you. At Flash Dental in The Heights, we will make the entire process as simple as possible and get you on the road to a straighter more beautiful smile. Call us or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.