Dental Fillings

Regardless of consistent brushing and flossing, sometimes an oral cavity is inevitable. Although this is often the case, it doesn’t mean nothing can be done about it. Cavities are definitely frustrating, but dental fillings are capable of alleviating such frustrations.A dental filling procedure is performed to remove a cavity and replace it with a durable substance that will match the existing tooth. At Flash Dental in The Heights, we use tooth colored dental filling to make it appear as if no work has been done. For our patients, we want them to feel free and confident to show off their smile.

The Composition of a Dental Filling

A dental filling is composed of BPA-free plastic and microscopic glass particles called composite. We don’t use amalgam, which was the most commonly used material in dentistry. With composite, we only have to remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth, instead of some of the healthy portion. Amalgam required removing portions of the healthy tooth in order for the substance to remain in place. This is really a testament to the constant advancements in dental technology.

Not only is composite dental filling utilized for cavity repair, but also for chips in teeth. Chips happen all the time for various reasons. Opting for a quick dental filling to cover the chip will help maintain the integrity of the tooth and keep the area from getting a cavity.

Ready to Get Back to Normal

Once the composite material is placed and a special curing light hardens the substance, the dentist will have you bite down to make sure the material adjusts with your opposing teeth. This will ensure you will be able to chew without issue. After leaving the office, you will be able to start chewing and conducting normal oral functions without hesitance. If the area is still numb, however, we encourage you to wait to chew or eat hot foods due to risk of burning or biting your cheek or tongue. Once the numbness wears off, though, it will be safe to start chewing again.

Take Care of the Simple Things

If you have noticed cavities or chips along your teeth, then call or fill out our online form to schedule your dental filling appointment. Don’t wait for the cavity to spread or the chip to get worse. A dental filling is a simple procedure that can spare you from a lot of problems.